Playlove was born as a Sunday..s Child named Nathalie Brunner in Vienna 1981. Her parents live in Nigeria (West Africa) at that time where she spends most of her childhood surrounded by sun, sea and a lot of love. She is addicted to music from the beginning on. Dancing on the backseat of the car to Depeche Mode, Madonna, Prince and all the other records her parents were listening to. Playlove early gets in contact with electronic music styles such as trip hop, jungle and techno. Love at first sight! She buys her first turntables at the age of 19 under the influence of her uncle Tom who earns his money as a dj in London, New York and Miami. In a little while Nathalie starts spinning at the parties she launches together with her close friends from the Team ÖKM (association for the preservation of austrian body-music).

Ever since Playlove spends her time djing, working as an audio engineer and organizing parties. In 2003 she starts setting up her own clubnights (Dual Sensor System – Welcome To Electro Boogieland) that finally lead to the opening of the now legendary club ‚Cabaret Renz‘ in Vienna. Alongside she programs the electronics for the jazz band ‚Auddiction‘, joins ‚Acid Eddy & die Ho¨hlenmenschen‘ for experimental live showcases, forms ‚Bunny Hop‘ an audio-visual live act and helps setting up the underground techno parade/demonstration FreeRePublic 2003 in Vienna. Playlove leaves Vienna In 2004 to start as a promoter in Munich. She begins her career at Michael Reinboths well-known Compost Records and moves to Upstarts underground label legend Disko B and the affiliated Chicks On Speed Records. Soon she finds her club residency at ‚Rote Sonne‘. Still unable to rest, she lives and workes in the Bavarian capitol, always in a hurry to move things, start new projects, fill spaces and decides to join Electric Indigos ‚Female Pressure‘ Network.

After these very wild years it was time for her to move on. In 2008, just one day after she finished studies and passed her exams in Munich, Nathalie moved to Berlin. As a goodbye present, Disko B sent her to play at their Labelnight at Club Tresor Berlin. The enthusiastic club-promoter invited her to be resident at this legendary Club right away. After a little while working as a full time dj around Europe she was seeking for a new challenge and found it as a film editor in Zurich (Switzerland). Still in 2008, still addicted to bass and with her lovely attitude she became a shooting star in the local underground techno scene.

Playing at the finest underground in- & outdoor events around Switzerland, Playlove soon was resident in the major clubs and festivals such like Hive, Cabaret, Lethargy and Schatzalp. In 2009 her good friend DJ Nat invited her to become part of the Scandal! Crew, who are well-known as the freakiest bunch of crazy woman doing scandalous underground-parties in and around Zurich since 2005. With her special energy she soon organized a regular party for the crew every three months at Club Cabaret.

Beside organizing events she is well booked with her unique mixture of trippin techno, dirty house and deep detroit. This vienna girl with her big music-lovin heart rocks the dancefloors of this planet! Spinning Vinyl in places like Bar25 (Berlin), Arma17 (Moscow), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Club Tresor (Berlin), Rohstofflager (Zurich), Kater Holzig (Berlin), Ritter Butzke (Berlin), Malzfabrik (Berlin), Kubik (Berlin), Superkronik (Leipzig), Suxul (Ingolstadt), Pratersauna (Vienna), U60311 (Frankfurt) and Festivals like Burning Man (U.S.A.), Kazantip (Ukrain), Streetparde Mainstage (Zurich), Lethargy (Zurich), Vision (Switzerland), 25th Anniversary of Nachtschattenverlag (Interlaken), Shining (Bavaria), Female Pressure Tour (2008), Marry Klein (Harry Klein/Munich) and many more. Playlove now is more than an insider tip for long nights with massive bass and everlasting grooves.